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intheperiphery's Journal

27 August
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  • intheperiphery@livejournal.com
About this journal:

This journal centers around the idea of Sam being Dean’s significantly younger brother. Dean and Cas meet through a fateful parent-teacher conference. This verse takes place in Lawrence, Kansas. Some places are fictional and some places are not. It’s all in good fun. Expect cameos galore, unhealthy amounts of schmoop, and the occasional bit of drama.

NOTE: This verse is not canon-compliant (obviously).

About the writers:

This AU verse is a joint project, co-written by sisters Ali and Gaby. We are 20 and 24, respectively. Feel free to talk to us! Bother us! Nag us to update! Give us ideas! Draw fanart (we’d be honored)!

Finally, Gaby loves pugs. So here is a picture of a pug.

fuck yes this pug is awesome


In addition to this livejournal, we also have a tumblr and a fanfiction account dedicated to this series. Check us out!